domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

The Drum is beating II

I have read in a forum that Empress Miniatures is going to base their new "Jazz Age" range in this very nice movie, "The Drum". A great idea, because it is a classic and really good film full of interesting "frontier" characters and adventure.
I expect they have also plans for the Afghan regular army!

Well, here is my first pack of British troops:

They are the command group from Empress´ Highlanders; very nice miniatures, another great sculpting work from Paul Hicks and a true pleasure to paint.

I have painted the khaki uniform with a Coat d´arms triad (designed by Steve Dean himself), "Khaki Triad" , very easy to apply. Of course, there are a lot of other brown colours in the minis and I have need a lot of time to paint them as Gordons! 
Sadly, I have not found references to this regiment in the Third Afghan War, but my my idea is to use them as part of one of the Special Service units sent to the Frontier.

I have, at last, opponents for my Afghan tribesmen, and another ruleset to use with them, "Setting the East Ablaze" from Partizan Press.

After reading and using "TM&B" and other rulesets based in the Great War, and thinking in the limited gaming time I have, I have decided to look for an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use ruleset with enough flavour of the period in it. I think this one can be very good because this is a ruleset based in the warfare in the "back of beyond", in Central Asia, something perfect for me. This is also a "big-skirmish" game, with 10 to 20 figures to a unit and this is card-driven; another very good point.

The playshet (one of its two faces) and a sample of the good quality of the printing. 
Now, I need to test it and play a game, at last. Perhaps an small patrol of Highlanders looking for problems?
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