domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

Chain of Command in Waziristan?

Amanullah Khan announcing the war
This days I have been very busy reading the new rulebook from Too Fat Lardies, "Chain of Comand" and, also, painting the lot of figures I have for the Pacific Campaing so I have had not much time for this, my "only" project for this year...
I like a lot the WWII gaming at the platoon level, and "Chain of Command" is, in my opinion, a perfect rulebook for it. After my test game with "Mud and Blood" also from Too Fat Lardies, I was looking for another ruleset not so complex and fixed in the Western Front, and I think this new one can be the solution.
I have written an entry about "Chain of Command" in my other, general gaming, blog that can be read HERE so I´m not going to talk (or write)  more about it until I have played a game (but there are necessary a lot of figures to have a platoon of USMC or Japanese!!!).

And this team needs three more figures!
Of course, after the painting of my last figures from Empress Miniatures, I had a great and brilliant idea: Why not use "Chain of Command" to play games based in my project? In this way, I can maintain myself fixed to this fantastic ruleset and, also, loyal to my "only" project.
About "Chain of Command", I think that the Patrol Phase is perfect to represent the "small war" of the British patrols looking for ambushes and hidden enemies and all the command and control mechanisms can be used without problem in this conflict of small units. The rest of the rules are really common to any XX Century conflict; of course, without so many authomatic weapons and AT teams...
To this end, I have written already a British Army List to use with "Chain of Command" and I´m working with the Afghan Army List in this moment. This one is the link to the British Indian Army List: British-Indian-Army-List-1919
I would like to know the opinion of anyone of you interested in it. Thank you in advance.
About those figures I have painted, they are, of course, the Afghan tribesmen command group; an interesting bunch of wolves:

As all of them, fantastic models. I´m awaiting more news for this range of models; perhaps, Khyber Rifles or Indian Infantry? I need Mr Hicks returning to the workbench!
On the other hand, I have also painted some walls I bough in Ebay from Tiny Worlds Wargaming. They are very nice pieces, very easy to paint, and I expect to buy another pack of them, this one with eight smaller broken and un-broken walls:

Perfect for many periods.

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  1. Chain of Command is excellent. You can't really go wrong with it or Mud & Blood.

    1. I like a lot the ruleset; I expect to play a game soon... if I´m able to paint other 20 Indian Army figures!

  2. I'd certainly say that "Chain of Command" has some great features which would translate perfectly to Afghanistan or Baluchistan in 1919. The Patrol Phase, and the working of the Force Support Chart are very well suited. You should, of course, give both "Mud and Blood" and "Chain of Command" a go and see which you like best!! As the figures are based individually, there's no harm in planning for both!

  3. A great idea. First one will be, I expect, "Chain of Command", with the Gumatti scenario.


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