domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Terrain for Gumatti

I have received in this week the last commission of terrain elements I have made to Timmy from Wargame News and Terrain. They have been some pieces I wanted to have for my game table:
My idea is to use these elements in my games based in Afghanistan, from the Second or Third War to the present, and also, with some more vegetation, in the jungles of the Pacific or Indochina.

Very nice elements, and a great service from Timmy. It is a pleasure to order something from him.

And here they are, integrated in the table I have used today to play a game of "Chain of Command":

I want to prepare a game for the next "Hispania Wargames", based in the Third Afghan War, of course.
Have a nice week!

5 comentarios:

  1. I am nearing the game!!!!
    But I need more trees, more hills, a road...

  2. They are lovely Juan and I can see them in such a wide variety of games from big battalions to Sword and the Flame style skirmishes. Excellent terrain!!


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