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Yes, I know this picture is not based in the Third Afghan War, but it is also Afghanistan in another conflict that interest me a lot.
It has been a lot of time now since I played my last game of "Skirmish Sangin", and I´m thinking about to re-take this project, puting it here, in this blog, while I wait for the British figures from Empress Miniatures for my Third Afghan War (I have heard they are coming...).

"Skirmish Sangin" is a game for a very small skirmish; you can play a really interesting game with no more than five figures per side. On the other hand, all the rulebook is based in the Afghan conflict.

This is the game table of the Radio Dishdash staff, the authors of the ruleset; very nice, and you don´t need more terrain for a good game.

These are my USMC troops from Eureka Miniatures. Both of them were ALL my troops in a game (and they won!).

An some their opponents in that game; Insurgent fighters also from Eureka Miniatures.
I have put a link to the Skirmish Sangin blog in the left side of this blog; it is a really interesting game with very good rules.

And about my original project? I´m reading another rulebook for the Third Afghan War, "Setting the East Ablaze", which sounds very interesting and not too complex for the games I expect to play (someday!). I´m also following with great interest a new white metal figures company, Studio Siberia. Its owner is a very nice chap, and there are really interesting figures in his catalogue:

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  1. I hope that you are correct about Empress getting some British figures out for Jazz Age. If they are as good as their Afghans they'll be superb. Hope they have them available for Christmas so I can starting spending my Christmas money.

    1. That is my idea too, to paint them for the Analogue Hobbies Challenge. They can be really nice!

  2. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, hope we also see the arrival of Empress' British and Indian Jazz Age troops

    1. I wish tou a really Happy New Year, full of painted miniatures and gamed projects.
      And yes, I need those new figures from Empress; I need them!!!


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