lunes, 13 de enero de 2014

Paul Hicks is moving in the Right Direction!!!!

HMS Berwick off Norway...
I have been following with great interest the last work of Paul Hicks as a creator of wonderful 28mm figures because I´m a true fanatic of his models and I have been waiting for more model useful for the Third Afghan War, British Indian Army this time. I have left this blog forgoten for a long time because I was unabe to find figures of quality to represent the British forces. In fact, I was thinking about to buy some of the Musketeer Miniatures models and put them heads with pith helmets from Woodline Designs, or use the new German revolutionary sailors from Tsuba Miniatures as a band of mercenaries in the north frontier of Afghanistan...

Fortunately, Paul Hicks has come to my rescue:

I have found these pictures in "The Lead Adventure Forum". The British Army, at last, from Mutton Chop Miniatures. I have read in Paul´s entry that they are for the BEF, so quite useful for me, because they have light kit and soft caps. Fortunately, Brigade Games/Company B has spare Lewis guns for them.

I expect to begin the painting of the 1/25th London Regiment soon!

To finish this entry, something I have received today for my basing system. This product from Tajima1 Miniatures can be very useful with my bases of Afghanistan:

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  1. Not going to lie, I think its pretty amazing myself. Can't wait for him to do early and late war Germans to. They will do double duty for my frikorp.

    1. Yes, another very interesting adition to fight the "reds".

  2. Perfect! Might have to have some of those myself.

    1. Paul says they are going to be for sale really soon!


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