viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014


I have painted some of the excellent 28mm models from Empress Miniatures I expect to use in my games of "Skirmish Sangin", models that I have presented to this year´s "The Challenge".
Despite I like a lot the models from Eureka Miniatures, I´m enjoiying the painting of these ones from Empress because they have also a lot of character and an incredible level of detail.

A Taliban or Anti-Coalition Militia (ACM) mortar team. Really fine figures, and with a little story in themselves. I think one of the Talibs is not sure about the skill level of the other one hauling mortar rounds...

In "Force on Force", the mortar is a very useful weapon but in "Skirmish Sangin" the 60mm is really lethal. This one has a range of 500" and a minimun range of 20" (so it is better used from out of the table); it has a kill zone of 5" diameter and a damage zone of 25" diameter and can cause 4 D10 damage points in the kill zone and 1 D10 in the damage zone. One lucky shot can finish a game so my idea is to use this one principally as a "victory objetive" and only in really big games as a Taliban asset for on table fire.

An al Qaeda fighter and my first US Army figure with ACU uniform. I have had these figures, the US soldiers, waiting in the box for a long time, unable to decide myself how to paint them. At last, in the Steve Dean´s Forum I found a very useful recipe, and a very easy to use one!!!
In the end, the question is not to paint the pixels, only to paint the general look of the uniform.

"Skirmish Sangin" has some special rules for al Qaeda fighters making them a bit more "hard" than the standard insurgent. Aditionaly, this one (that looks really well as a CIA operative) is going to have a light armored vest.

I have some more Taliban on my painting table in this moment and also this very nice figure:

A NZ SAS which is very, very perfect for a modern conflict idea I´m boiling now, related to this other picture:

It´s time to learn how to paint MULTICAM...

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