miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

The Drum is beating

They are here, at last. The new models from the hands of Paul Hicks are arrived to the Empress Miniatures catalogue (just when I have ordered some of their modern figures!!!!!):

These figures are perfect as opponents of the Afghan tribesmen, for the Third Afghan War. There is a "promise" to include more forces, British, Indian Army, Armored Cars, etc. I expect they include also Afghan regular troops.

I have found also a really nice (and old) movie, "The Drum". Very good, and perfect as inspirational source! Here is a link:

Now, this is time to collect and paint these figures, and play a first game, at last! But I need to think about or find a good kakhi colour to use with these uniforms; I´m thinking about something grey-light brown...

Here are some of my Afghan warriors, waiting for them:

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  1. It was a surprise first release for the British forces, I was not expecting Empress to start with Downed Pilots and Scots. Not sure I like the officers, with them wearing jodhpurs and gaiters they don't fit my idea of the type of Officer you would find in a Scottish regiment. The rest are very good, especially the downed pilots

    1. I like their slim appearance; perhaps a bit cartoonish and not so "serious" as those other Britishs from Mutton Shop...

      On the other hand, I would like to have seen the Afghan regulars first.

      I´m going to wait until I have them for painting (but, before, I need to find a good "recipe" for their kakhi).

  2. Not sure about the cartoonish appearance, I think a lot of that is due to the pith helmets. People wearing pith helmets to me always look slightly comical I think Mr Hicks might not have helped in this case as he appears to have over accentuated the ribs and top button on the helmets(though that might be just the photos).
    My first choice for release after the Afghans would have been Frontier Scouts and their officers.
    I use the Foundry Wargames drab trio(12 A,B & C) as a starting point for most of my Khakis. For these I would start with either 12C or a 50/50 mix 12B/12C, then a brown/sepia wash. Pick up again with original colour, then for high lights slowly add Vallejo Model Colour Stone Grey(884), final highlight being almost pure stone grey.
    I won't be painting these for a while. Just purchased more Afghans and also have a whole load of Landesknechts and AWI figures to paint up before I get to placing another order.

  3. Thank you very much for the "recipe"!!! I´m going to use it, today, with a pair of Talibans.
    Frontier Scouts... Yes! Pure Bucaneers!

    I´m expecting to see your Landsknechts and AWI figures (by the way, I´m awaiting the First US Dragoons from "Fife and Drum").

    Thank you a lot for the "recipe"!

  4. Have you looked at some of the recipes for BEF Khaki from the Lead Adventure WWI forums? That might be a good place to start.

    I personally use Reaper's Khaki triad, but it's got a slight green tinge that's more appropriate for the earlier, ad hoc khaki. Looks great on Mahdists, though.

    1. Thank you a lot, Rob. The forum is a very useful place!


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